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Stephanie Schechter

“I find the inspiration for my paintings on road trips through the everyday, American landscape. My idealized portraits of signs and architecture are an ode to the beauty I find in the three-dimensional, human-made world. I see the structures I depict as monuments to a community’s culture and history, the evolution of commerce, design and manufacturing trends, impermanence, and obsolescence."   -  Stephanie Schechter

Arden Gallery - Stephanie Schechter, "LIBRARY," oil on aluminum, 24 x 24 inches, $5,200

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Stephanie Schechter, "LIBRARY," oil on aluminum, 24 x 24 inches, $5,200


"This was my first painting based on neoclassical architecture. It was inspired by the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University in Providence, RI.  The library, which is located on the university’s main green, was built in 1904. It features a stunning Beaux-Arts style facade.

While walking in Providence one day, I was struck by the beauty of the late afternoon sun illuminating the library’s stone exterior, which created a glowing effect. It was the first time classical architecture caught my eye as a potential subject, and it opened a world of new possibilities.

While working on this piece, I enjoyed articulating the three-dimensional forms with a limited color palette. I relied on light and shadow to tell the story. It was especially exciting to see the organic floral forms in the pediment take shape. It almost felt like I was sculpting the intricate carvings as I painted."  - Stephanie Schechter

Arden Gallery - Stephanie Schechter, "LIBRARY," progress....oil on aluminum, 24 x 24 inches, $5,200

Stephanie Schechter, "LIBRARY," progress....oil on aluminum, 24 x 24 inches, $5,200

Arden Gallery  -  Stephanie Schechter, "Luxury," oil on canvas, 24 x 40 inches, $7,500

Stephanie Schechter, "Luxury," oil on canvas, 24 x 40 inches, $7,500


"I noticed the Luxury Dry Cleaners building for the first time when driving through nearby Lincoln, RI. Although it was quite dilapidated, something about the building and the vintage streamline style lettering of the sign caught my eye. I started to think about what it would look like if it were a store that sold “luxury.” Instead of duplicating exactly what exists in reality, I created a painting that reflected this idealized vision.

I chose the angle of the perspective so the lines of the building would direct the eye towards the signage, which is the focal point of the painting. The overhang and its reflection became compositional elements. I added a hint of the neon “OPEN” sign as an element of surprise and a pop of color in this otherwise muted work."    -  Stephanie Schechter

Stephanie SchechtArden Gallery  -  Stephanie Schechter, "Carroll's Typewriter," oil on aluminum, 20 x 28 inches, $4,400

Stephanie Schechter, "Carroll's Typewriter," oil on aluminum, 20 x 28 inches, $4,400

"Caroll's Typewriter"

"This piece is based on the beautifully refurbished neon sign for Carroll's Typewriter Exchange. This sign originally hung above a typewriter shop in Roseville, CA. It’s currently displayed in downtown Lynn, MA, where I had the opportunity to photograph it, as part of the fabulous Beyond Walls Retrolit vintage neon sign installation. I love the 3D illustration of the typewriter on the sign, and the way the neon traces its contours. The shadows cast by the neon add a calligraphic element to the composition. I'm happy I live in a world where neon typewriters exist."  -  Stephanie Schechter

Arden Gallery   -  Stephanie Schechter, "COURT (SUPREME)," oil on aluminum, 24 x 24 inches, $5,200

Stephanie Schechter, "COURT (SUPREME)," oil on aluminum, 24 x 24 inches, $5,200

"My painting “COURT (SUPREME)” was inspired by the impressive colonnade and facade of the Providence County Courthouse (also known as the Frank Licht Judicial Complex), a beautiful example of Neo-Georgian architecture. The courthouse was designed by Jackson, Robertson and Adams, a Providence based firm, and built between 1924-1933. I find it fascinating that I passed this building thousands of times in the 30+ years I've lived in Providence, and it only just recently presented itself to me as art. Inspiration is an interesting thing.

In preparation for the painting, I photographed the building at noon, when the sun was directly overhead, casting shadows straight down. This enhanced the symmetry in the composition, an intentional statement on the balance of justice when it’s as its best. The strong shadows also enhance the trompe l’oeil, 3D effect."  - Stephanie Schechter

Arden Gallery   -  Stephanie Schechter, "Signs," oil on aluminum, 26 x 36 inches, $5,200

Stephanie Schechter, "Signs," oil on aluminum, 26 x 36 inches, $5,200


"This painting was inspired by the striking neon sign for Batten Bros. Signs & Awnings in Wakefield, MA. I was initially attracted to the “meta” aspect of a sign selling “signs”. Upon close consideration, I noticed that the sign had design elements that lent themselves to a powerful composition. The bold, italicized typography had a charming feel of retro advertising. The soft curves of the neon lettering, and its shadows, added a compelling contrast to the hard-edged lettering and structure of the sign. The strong color pallet also spoke to me, which pops against a clear blue sky. The supports and wires gave context and a hint of the industrial surrounding, while directing the eye." - Stephanie Schechter

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"Seeing the Signs (Stephanie Schechter)" published by INTERNATIONAL ARTIST

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Stephanie Schechter Arden Gallery

"Though my work starts with photography, my paintings are highly edited from their original reference photos. I create compositions that articulate what I find compelling about my subjects. I remove details such as the rust, dents, and peeling paint that occur in real life, and focus my work on color, three dimensional form, and shadows. Elements are shifted in order to direct the eye. My meticulous, smooth, hard-edge painting technique combines bold areas of solid color with delicately blended transitions. The resulting body of work is minimalistic and graphic, yet maintains the perception of hyperrealism. Each painting embodies my love for my subjects and the poignancy I see in these often-overlooked treasures."-Stephanie Schechter

Stephanie Schechter reviewed in the press:

"Every day we go out among the streets, full of people, shops, cars, buildings…an infinity of details to which we don’t pay attention due to habit. But if we could stop and watch around us we could discover a lot of precious meanings in things we don’t even imagine. For example: think to a particular street in your hometown where there’s an historic old shop that has become a landmark of the area, give a look to its shop sign and you’ll immediately realize that that’s a symbol actually. Neon lights, cinema or theatre marquee, colorful writings on shop windows are a freeze frame of the times we’re living and they become a symbolic feature. Stephanie Schechter has a real vocation for those little details of the city. Through all the emblematic signs, we can discover places that belong to our past or some that are still a part of our lives. With a single shop or cinema sign, the painter is able to arouse our memories.

Stephanie Schechter dedicates her art to the everyday man-made world where three dimensional and showy signage captures her attention more than anything else. Her minimal artworks evoke instant emotions and introspecting thoughts; they make you realize that we are surrounded by words, and words are like water, able to change their form and meaning depending on the mind who catches them.

So, you can feel many different feelings by reading, for example, the word “Apex” or coming across a signboard who says “The Best“… Schechter’s art is very aesthetic and enigmatic at once; she is very skillful in reaching this well calibrated blend, giving life to works that remain etched in our mind. Every sign can really open a brand new and personal world in everyone’s thoughts." Hyperrealism Magazine

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