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Joshua Jensen-Nagle: Winter

In his series, Winter, Joshua Jensen-Nagle captures vast mountain scenes from various vantage points, often hanging out of helicopters to achieve his arresting aerial perspectives. His immersive, cinematic, large-scale photos invite viewers to lose themselves within the frame, sparking associations that might resemble the artist’s own memories of childhood winters spent in the Poconos. His images are prided on happenstance, showing humans completely enveloped by their environment, surrounded by the beauty of the moment, often evoking emotional, nostalgic or aspirational associations. Viewing photography as a “means to evoke emotion rather than document a reality,” the images are not to be interpreted as documentation of these people or places, but rather are intended to stimulate the viewer’s reflection of their own experiences and memories, bringing them into the work. Joshua states, “If the viewer can connect on an emotional level with the images, I have succeeded.”  -  Joshua Jensen-Nagle

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Arden Gallery  -  Joshua Jensen-Nagle, "Snow Day (Lake Louise, Canada,)" archival inkjet print face-mounted to Plexiglass, available in: 30x31.5", 41x43", 55x58"

Additional Series by Joshua Jensen-Nagle

Joshua Jensen-Nagle, "In a Summer Haze," archival inkjet print face-mounted to Plexiglass, 41 x 43" (also available: 30 x 31.5, 55 x 58, 70 x 73)
Joshua Jensen-Nagle, "That Feeling You Leave Behind," archival inkjet print face-mounted to Plexiglass, 30 x 31.5" (also available: 41 x 43, 55 x 58, 70 x 73)
Joshua Jensen-Nagle, "Garden Party," archival inkjet print face-mounted to Plexiglass, 43 x 43"  (also available: 23 x 23; 34 x 34; 58 x 58)

Joshua Jensen-Nagle, "Snow Day (Lake Louise, Canada)"
archival inkjet print face-mounted to Plexiglass, available in: 30x31.5", 41x43", 55x58"

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Joshua Jensen-Nagle Arden Gallery

For over a decade, Joshua Jensen-Nagle has captivated the viewer with his evocative large-scale photographs. Best known for his dreamy aerial beaches, expansive ski scenes, and romantic European vistas Jensen-Nagle’s photographs of faraway places carry a strong sense of nostalgia. 


Joshua bases his successful full-time art practice in Toronto, where everything is produced in his west-end studio. Having mounted over 50 exhibitions in the last 12 years, he has developed a strong standing in the art world, and is collected widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


Highlighted art fair presence includes Photo London, Art Toronto, Art Chicago, Art Miami, NEXT Chicago, LA Art Show, Red Dot New York, Art Palm Beach, and Art Market San Francisco. His work can also be found in corporate collections including Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, Target Canada Corporation, Maple Leaf, Cirque du Soleil and Transcontinental, among others.

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