Andrew Woodward

Andrew Woodward's cityscapes, landscapes, and florals emanate light and shadow interwoven within rhythms of time, color, contrast, and depth. Both intimate and vast, the paintings are portraits of architecture and nature, archetypes of an ever evolving world. "I'm capturing an instant filled with fluidity of light and magic. I think my choices of color and composition, rhythm, and pattern, all work together to bring out the vivacity of my subjects. "  - Andrew Woodward

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Andrew Woodward, "Wallflowers," 2022, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, $6,800

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Andrew Woodward, "Wallflowers Return," 2022, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, $6,800

Andrew Woodward at Arden Gallery April 2022

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"Andrew Woodward exhibits an unmistakable talent for creating work that is vibrant, bold, complex, and regal. Few other artists bestow this combination of reverence and whimsy upon architecture made of steel and stone. We see the textures and tones of building materials juxtaposed with light infused clouds. We see the diagonals of fire escapes and rooftop lines superimposed over the grid-like networks of urban scenes. We see facades that are sun-soaked, foregrounds awash in slick reflected streetlights, midnight gardens and boathouses illuminated by antique lamps. We see Corinthian columns playfully doubled by deep shadows, and perfectly mirrored reflections cast across water.

With each composition viewers are required to look more carefully…just as the artist has done. The second, third, fourth and endless viewings that Woodward’s paintings invite are perpetually rewarding."       

Zola Solamente

Director, Arden Gallery

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