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Koo Schadler

"I have scores of apple trees in the fields that surround my home. The variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors are remarkable. I typically hand-pick and photograph dozens of these miniature masterpieces...entirely beautiful, even with small blotches and blemishes. They are free from the need to be known, inherently content with being authentic and without recognition. I would like my paintings to be like the apples: heedless of renown, content to be beautiful…despite imperfections…and truthful."  - Koo Schadler

Arden Gallery  -  Koo Schadler, "Two Roses and a Petal, from Above," 2021, egg tempera on true gesso panel, 9.75 x 7 inches (14.24 x 11.25" framed,) $4,200

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Koo Schadler, "Two Roses and a Petal, from Above,"
2021, egg tempera on true gesso panel, 9.75 x 7 inches (14.24 x 11.25" framed,) $4,200

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Koo Schadler Arden Gallery

Koo Schadler graduated from Tufts University in 1984 with a BA in Art History. After working for a time at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, she traveled throughout Europe and eventually settled in Florence, Italy where she immersed herself in studying the works of Renaissance masters.

Schadler is a contributing editor at The Artist’s Magazine and a board member of the Society of Tempera Painters. She teaches painting and design workshops around the US and abroad. Her work has been exhibited at Arden Gallery for 30 years. Her paintings and drawings are found in more than 500 private and corporate collections, and many museums nationwide.

Koo Schadler in the press:

Artist Koo Schadler in Conversation with Curator of the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

A great, in-depth interview with Koo Schadler; she discusses her artwork and techniques in egg tempera and silverpoint.   





Huntington Museum of Art presents Koo Schadler: A contemporary master of egg tempera and silverpoint drawings discusses her artwork and working methods.  








Silverpoint Artist Koo Schadler Interviewed by George O'Hanlon, Director of Natural Pigments. In-depth interview with Koo Schadler, master silverpoint draftsman and instructor. 


The Ancient Medium of Silverpoint in Contemporary Art. Interviews with five masters of the ancient technique of silverpoint; Koo Schadler’s artwork and insights into silverpoint are featured. 


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