Sherrie Wolf

"My still life paintings evolve out of my passion for arranging objects. I delight in the objects themselves, as well as the spaces between and within them. I marvel at their beauty; I enjoy making visual and conceptual associations between objects in a form of viewable alliteration. My compositions are theatrical, as if the setting is a stage on which a drama is being performed."

Sherrie Wolf, "Tulips at Sunset (F. Church)" 2020, oil on linen, 40 x 40 inches

Sherrie Wolf, "Tulips at Sunset (F. Church)" 2020, oil on linen, 40 x 40 inches

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"My recent Teacup paintings circle back to a subject matter I have used in the past and possesses deep personal histories for me. I like the way teacups represent hospitality, tradition, utilitarian design, and serve as a comforting respite. As the daughter of an immigrant from New Zealand, tea was a daily ritual in our home. My mother, aunt, and grandmother always consumed tea from a fine porcelain teacup. The Stewart cup, which is my mother’s maiden name, may have been carried over on the ocean liner with her when she immigrated. I have combined the teacups with backgrounds from some of my favorite landscape paintings, such as those by Dutch and American painters Ruisdael and Bierstadt. The contrast of scale, with a romantic idealized setting enhances the power of these teacups."

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"I have always been a still-life painter. My images openly play with the fact that art is artifice. For the last decade, I have arranged objects in front of excerpts from old master paintings. Earlier in my career, while imitating 19th century American Trompe l’oil and 17th century Dutch still-life traditions in subject matter and formal elements of composition, I explored contrived or discovered relationships between seemingly unrelated objects. Mirrors or other formal objects often reflected the contemporary clutter of my studio. Light, shadow and three-dimensional spatial relationships played important roles.

I often use nontraditional perspectives, such as looking straight down on the still life arrangement. Among the subject matter, there will be an open book or a card portraying an image from a historical painting. In time, these excerpts became more prominent, and eventually I filled the entire background with a quotation from an old master painting. This connected me to a history of reinterpretation and artistic borrowing prevalent among artists. My images have evolved from a love of art history and a desire to present multiple levels of expression to my viewer"

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