Laura Wait

"I create compositions with scribblings and writings that may have been made over a period of years. My idea is to convey the feel of the shapes, with an intuitive connection. These are imagined ancient times...on other planets...or in modern urban tableaus...with elements of graffiti and signage. The marks are universal, somewhat random, and related to music, with layers of writing acting as layers of melody and rhythm."

Arden Gallery  -  Laura Wait, "Flaming Jardin," 2018, acrylic on Baltic Birch, 42 x 36 inches - SOLD

Laura Wait, "Flaming Jardin," 2018, acrylic on Baltic Birch, 42 x 36 inches - SOLD

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Laura Wait Arden Gallery

Laura Wait lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She studied art history in college at Barnard College. She received a BA, cum laude, in Art History from Barnard College, New York, 1975.  

Laura lived for a year in Los Angeles in 1975-76, and studied lithography and drawing at Otis Art Institute. She went to London in 1976 to study printmaking at Croydon College of Art, and received a certificate in printmaking with merit for a one-year course in 1977, specializing in intaglio and bookbinding. She continued her studies in traditional bookbinding at Croydon, and received a Certificate with distinction for a three-year course in 1981.

Laura moved to Denver, Colorado in 1981, and started a bookbinding and conservation business, which she ran successfully until 2003. During that time she also worked on her own artist books and paintings, and gave many workshops in book arts. Her books are in collections worldwide, and have been published in a number of publications.

Laura now lives in Santa Fe. NM. She is married with one son, one dogs,  two cats, and grows lots of  organic vegetables. 

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